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Soya milk machine “Magic Bean” directly from the producer. PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to aktivplus. The search was successful. You are visiting the producer of Soymilk and vegan milk machines with the Europe biggest model choice.

Aktivplus produces high quality Soymilk makers and provides 2 years of warranty.

Our „Magic Bean“ machines are designed for those, who value healthy nutrition. They allow you to produce yourself vegan drinks easily and comfortably: Soya milk, rice milk, milk of other grain arts or nuts , even healthy coffee .

Fast and easy Soymilk cooking with “Magic Bean” Soymilk maker!

Measure 70-90g of Soya beans with the supplied measure cup and add them in the grinding container of the Soymilk-maker. Pour 0,8 – 1,9 L water in the main drink container (water amount varies for different models). You choose the desired program - and let the Soymilk maker works completely automatically. Your Soya milk is ready in a few minutes! Self-made vegan milk contains no additives or preservatives. It stays fresh about 1 week if refrigerated.

Soy beans are ideal for a cholesterol and lactose free diet. You can determine the quality and the taste of your Soya or rice milk, if you cook it yourself.

Drink Soya or rice milk from ecologically proven beans and grains, without conservatives or additives, pure, with syrup or sweetener, hot, warm or cold – just make sure it is fresh made!

The “Magic Bean” machines from aktivplus let you make not only Soymilk or rice milk, you can also prepare Soya-yogurt, Soya-pudding or Tofu – and make it as thick as you like it!

Combine Soybeans and grains – your imagination should have no limits. From now on you live healthy and it is easier for you!

By the way – health. Did you know that every 7th inhabitant of central Europe suffers from lactose intolerance or allergy? That is why many people drink Soymilk instead of cow milk, eat Tofu instead of cheese. Even children and babies sometime need lactose free nutrition, in order to avoid future illness and allergic reactions.

More and more people want to strengthen their immune system, therefore looking for diet without animal proteins and fats. If you are looking for healthy nutrition, consider the alternative: Soybeans and rice.

Self made Soymilk and rice milk is not only lactose and cholesterol free. They contain no glutens, no conservatives, additives or preservatives, no taste modifiers, they are 100% Nature!

The soybean contains high valuable protein and necessary vital ingredients. Milk, made of soybeans, is protein, vitamins and minerals rich. The soymilk fibre provides fast satiation and is good for your digestion. Soymilk is also rich of unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats. It contains all 20 Amino acids, which we need on daily basis, including the 9 ones which can not be produced by human body.

You know the saying: “you are what you eat!” Cook healthy products with the “Magic Bean” machines! Self whipped milk, e.g. for Cappuccino or Latte Macciato is just one of many options.

Classic milkshakes are another menu option. Further Soymilk products are Tofu and Okara . Our vegan cuisine provides many recipes for safe made soy products using our “Magic Bean” machine, as well as for mix-drinks from soybeans, grains, rice and nuts.

Now you can cook soymilk yourself and save money! 1 L safe made soymilk costs about 0,25 Euro, while in shop you would pay 1,5 – 3 Euros for gene-free milk. The purchase of the “Magic Bean” soymilk machine pays off in a short time.

And you get Okara as by-product by cooking soy milk. Okara out of soybeans can be used for cooking vegetarian meals (see our vegan cuisine / Recipes). Okara has also special value for skincare and cosmetic. Specialists recommend to use fine Okara for face masks. Read more information under our Beauty-tips.

Soy is one of the most favourite products in Asia. The Chinese and Japanese people were the first ones to discover the secrets of this plant about 5000 b.C. Since Veda times Indian yogis eat vegetarian food, the soy being essential part of their nutrition. The Asian peoples were so grateful for their soy harvests, that they called the plant one of the “5 saint corns”

And now aktivplus offers you the new generation of the soymilk makers for your healthy life. Choose your soymilk machine:

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Written by aktivplus :: Wednesday, 13 April 2005
Last Updated ( Thursday, 11 January 2007 )

After years of researching and developing new own technical solutions, aktivplus now is able to offer real natural tasting soymilk, ricemilk, cornmilk or almondmilk.